Audio tracks recorded over the years which feature Trevor Ware on Bass

For best results, turn off the media player at the top of the screen before enjoying these audio clips. 

Here's to the Messengers - Here's to the Messenger The full recording is available from  Clayton Cameron or cdbaby.

S' Calade Unpublished     Ron Bishop - Piano / Trevor Ware - Bass / Donald Barrett - Drums

Astronaut: Peter Smith - Here It Comes. Full recording available for purchase ocdbaby or iTunes.

Patrice Quinn - Vocals / Peter Smith - Piano / Charles Owens - Tenor Sax / Alan Mesquida - Alto Sax / Trevor Ware - Bass / Clayton Cameron - Drums


Aisha: Azar Lawrence - Speak the Word.  Full recording available for purchase here.

Azar Lawrence - Tenor Saxophone / Nate Morgan - Piano / Trevor Ware - Bass / Fritz Wise - Drums 

Out of This World: Pepper Adams Tribute Quintet - Each Time I Think of You. Full recording available for purchase on iTunes or at cdbaby.

Dale Fielder - Baritone Saxophone / Nolan Shaheed - Trumpet / Jane Getz - Piano / Trevor Ware - Bass / Don Littleton - Drums


Hyku For Peace: Come Ye: Dwight Trible - Cosmic.  Full recording available on Amazon or iTunes

Dwight Trible - Vocals /John Beasley - Piano / Kenneth Crouch - Organ / Justo Almario - Tenor Saxophone / Trevor Ware - Bass / Dexter Story - Drums

Lamentations from the Middle Passage: Nolan Shaheed - Lamentations from the Middle Passage. The full recording is available from iTunescdbaby or Amazon.

Nolan Shaheed - Trumpet / Zane Musa - Alto Saxophone / Ron Muldrow - Guitar / Danny Grissett - Piano / Trevor Ware - Bass / Tony Moore - Drums

If It's The Last Thing I Do: Luckman Jazz Orchestra featuring Barbara Morrison - Unreleased

We for Blakey: Clayton Cameron Sextet - Here's to the Messengers.  The full recording is available from cdbabyAmazon, or iTunes.

Clayton Cameron - Drums / Tivon Pennicott - Tenor Sax / John Beasley - Piano / Trevor Ware - Bass

Come Rain or Come Shine: Wycliff Gordon & Niki Haris - I'm Glad There Is You. The full recording is available from  Wycliffe Gordon or cdbaby.

Wycliffe Gordon - Trombone / Niki Haris - Vocals / Eric Reed - Piano / Trevor Ware - Bass / Herlin Riley - Drums